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  • Jessica Eddington

10 Tips on How to Prepare For Your Engagement Session

Wondering what you should wear for your session to make those photos look professional and polished? Here are some great tips to follow.

1. Wear complimentary colors. Avoid bright orange, neon colors, and any colors that wash your skin tone out. Don't forget to iron the wrinkles out! Head over to Pinterest for inspiration. Type in engagement session outfits+(time of year or setting. Summer/Mountains)

2. Alternate patterns and/or textures with solid colored shirts that match the color of the patterned material. But, avoid closely spaced stripes due to something called Moire.

3. Accessorize- Wear a scarf, belt, or cute jacket to create a layered look. Just be careful not to wear too much jewelry- you do not want to take away from your engagement ring.

4. Have fun with it! Do you have a favorite sports team, you both love? A favorite activity you enjoy together? Try to showcase that in a few photos.

5. Clean your engagement ring- Make sure it's polished and clean so that the close-up ring shot looks awesome! Also, manicure your nails(men also). Again, it's amazing how much detail the camera will show. Dirt under the nails, poorly trimmed nails, and dry skin don't look nice close-up. And- moisturize your skin!

6. Bring a hairbrush, hairspray, chap stick, lotion, and touch-up makeup- It's amazing what a really good quality camera picks up in detail. You don't want to have dry skin or chapped lips in your photos. If you tend to sweat- bring blotting paper or a wipe.

7. If you dress more casually- wear nice, clean jeans and clean shoes (preferably not sneakers). Do not wear t-shirts that have logos or distracting prints on them.

8. Choose 2 outfits each- If you try to wear more than 2 outfits during the session, you may spend more time changing than taking photos. Layering or accessorizing is easier, because then you won't have to spend time changing.

9. Use a "Save the Date" accessory in your photo- Are you sending out invitations with a photo of you two? Have a separate save-the-date photo taken with a theme that pertains to you or your wedding.

10. For women- Wear makeup! Even if you typically do not. At the very minimum wear black waterproof mascara(also curl your lashes) and use tinted chap stick. This helps you from looking washed out in your photos and gives your features a nice little pop.

Bonus Tip! 11. Bring comfortable walking shoes as well as the shoes you want in the photo. You may need to walk through a field, or up a hill to that perfect location first.

Bonus Tip! 12. Exfoliate your facial skin including your lips one day prior to your session and then moisturize everything really well! Bring lotion to the session and moisturize right before- especially hands, arms, elbows and lips.

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