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  • Jessica Eddington

Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites Winter Wedding

What a treat to be able to capture these two on their wedding day!

Cortney and Will are both active duty members in the Air Force. They met while stationed in Oklahoma in 2017. Up until the wedding, Will was still there while Cortney had been serving in South Korea for the last year. After getting married, their dream was to serve together in Germany. They actually grew up only 3 hours away from each other- Will in Southern Oregon and Cortney in Northern California.

Ashland was special to both of them, having some nice memories here. Cortney they are just a couple of nomads trying to explore the whole earth together, and Ashland Hills seemed like a great place to hold our ceremony. We still feel that the PNW is our "true home". We are pretty weird, spiritual, hippie-dippie types, but we love it!

Congratulations Cortney and Will! I wish you all of the adventures you seek!

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