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  • Jessica Eddington

Beautiful Backyard Wedding In Talent, Oregon

I'm not sure I could actually call this a "backyard" wedding. It took place on the property that the groom grew up at, and it was really more like a beautiful, outdoor wedding venue. The original house on the property was over a hundred years old when the family purchased it, and had since been rebuilt. The original barn still remains along with the old growth oak trees that litter the yard and surrounding fields. A dance floor was build onto the old bard and the grooms older brother and some friends of theirs also all had their weddings here.

Sam and Tyler have a fun love story. They met working on a ambulance. Usually they were working with regular work partners, but this particular day staffing was different. They both enjoyed working so much together that day, so they went for drinks after work and the rest was history. They have been living and working in New York, through the Covid crisis and plan on continuing to serve were they are needed.

Congratulations Tyler and Sam!

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