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  • Jessica Eddington

Dreamy Engagement Session

This engagement session was special to me. I used to work with Bailee and Andy. They were both working as aides in a physical therapy clinic. Since meeting, they moved to Denver to attend PTA school and follow their dreams together. Two years ago, I got to photograph Bailee's mothers wedding, and now I have the honor of photographing their wedding in 2021. When I learned that they were dating, I thought to myself what a perfect couple these two are for each other. They both have such positive outlooks on life, love to work with people and are motivated to make a better life for themselves- not to mention they are both gorgeous and look beautiful together:).

I got to spend an afternoon with them while they were in town over the holidays. I miss that I don't get to work with these two anymore, but am so happy for their future together.

Congratulations Bailee and Andy!!!!!!

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