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  • Jessica Eddington

How Do Clients Benefit From Styled Shoots?

What is a styled shoot? A styled shoot or collaboration is a staged wedding that follows a designated theme and uses models as the wedding couple. Various wedding vendors collaborate and lend their talents to achieve the theme. This theme can be a color scheme, a consistent visual component, a certain time era, or clothing style, etc. Styled shoots can also be something other than a wedding, such as an engagement shoot, or even just a model with a specific theme or setting.

WHY do photographers do them and how does it benefit you as the client?

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING- We are able to meet with so many local and talented vendors. It's important to get to know and network with your community. This way I am able to recommend other vendors to my clients as well as see what is new in the wedding world.

PRACTICE- This is a great time to try out new shots, angles, settings, lighting, equipment etc. in a safe place so that we don't have to experiment with couples. This allows us time to get the shot right before we get to the wedding day.

CONTENT- of course. We want to keep our website/socials looking fresh. This allows you to follow along and see the progression of growth. You can use this as inspiration for your wedding day. See a cake that you love? The ring you have been looking for?

EXPOSURE- We all need it to continue to stay relevant in a competitive industry, and for clients to find us.

FUN! As a creative, it's important to continue to have fun in your craft and stay inspired!

This recent Wild and Wintery Styled Shoot at The Applegate Ranch was an opportunity to embrace the magic of the season and network with other wedding vendors here in Southern Oregon. From the intricate details of the invitation suites to the wonderful engaged couple (they are an actual engaged couple that is getting married later this year) and beautiful local hand-made jewelry, every element comes together to create a beautiful and inspiring day.

For this particular styled shoot, I was a host and educator so I didn't get to take as many photos as I normally would. But I wanted to share what I could. For this shoot, I also really wanted to practice my detail, or flay lay shots.

Content Creation/Instructor: @jessicaeddingtonphotography

Florals: @applegateacre   

Invitations:  @pinepresspaperie




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