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  • Jessica Eddington

Wedding Day Getting Ready Photo Tips

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

1. Have all of your details ready in one box at the getting ready site. This includes- Wedding invitation, shoes, jewelry, wedding bands/rings, perfume bottles, flowers, etc.

2. Make sure your florist has your flowers/bouquets ready and in the getting ready room 1 hour before you are in your dresses.

3. Have your wedding and bridesmaids dresses out and hanging on nice hangers. You can find nice and customized wedding hangers on Amazon and Etsy.

4. Get ready in a nicely lit area. White walls with lots of windows/natural light is best.

5. De-clutter the area/rooms and put things away that don't need to be out. Place everything in one area and don't have things on the counters, couches, bed, night stands etc.

6. Have getting ready robes, matching shirts, flannels etc for the bridal party to wear before putting your dresses on.

7. Have the wedding bands available with all of your details.

Have all of your details in one place in your room.

Having windows and natural light makes for beautiful getting ready photos.

I love this photo of the bridesmaids. I had to spend about 10 minutes taking curtains down, stripping the bedding, and clearing off the side tables for a clean shot.

I used floral from the table arrangements as well as little candies with their wedding colors to showcase her jewelry as well as their favorite saying to one another.

Prepping the dresses by taking them out of their dress bags and hanging them on nice hangers is a great way to prepare before I arrive. Also keep the floor areas clear.

This was a cute idea for their rings. I also love to use the bridal bouquet.

Always have the flowers ready to go. It just feels more like a wedding day when flowers are involved.

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