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  • Jessica Eddington

Wedding Trends For 2021

Small, safe and special are the wedding trend words for 2021. Just like in 2020, I think we are going to see a lot of small, intimate, elopement type wedding ceremonies, especially in the earlier part of this year. Fingers crossed, that by mid summer this year, we can go ahead with larger ceremonies at venues again here in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Even if restrictions are eased this year, I believe that smaller, intimate ceremonies and celebrations will remain on trend for awhile. Here are some other 2021 wedding trends-

1. Shorter engagements- With the world changing at such a rapid pace, couples don't want to think about what could happen in 1 year, but want to focus on getting their lives started as a couple. This means that you have got to get on your wedding planning asap.

2. Decor- With less weddings taking place at a venue, couples are focusing more on the flower arrangements, especially the bridal bouquet and backdrop decor. These pieces help to represent the wedding. Many wedding ceremonies are taking place outdoors, in a beautiful location, so there isn't much need to do anymore decorating.

3. Personalized party favors- Couples are getting really creative with their guests party favors. Personalized masks are a big thing of course. Gift baskets with mini hand sanitizers and local gifts from the area are a big hit.

4. Entertainment- With less people on the dance floor, the focus has shifted to more live musicians and table entertainment. Creating a dinner concert experience is what many couples are trying to do for their guests, with dinner, cake and champagne being brought to them throughout the evening.

5. Catering- Buffets have been a typical dinner choice. With less guests on the list, you can get more creative with the dinner menu. Try a multi-course dinner with wine or beer pairings or a Tapa's menu for fun. Instead of a wedding cake, you can have multiple types of wedding cupcakes or even a donut tower!

6. Venues- Many couples are opting for an outdoor wedding and getting creative with the location. Backyards, hiking trails, AirBNB's and parks are becoming beautiful backdrops for ceremonies. I was married in a clearing on top of Mt. Ashland overlooking Mt. Shasta. It was a perfect location since we are mountain lovers- and it was free! With the money saved from our venue, we were able to spend more on the reception and honeymoon!

Whatever the "trends" are for weddings, the most important thing is to make it your own. If you are a casual, low key couple then don't plan a huge, lavish wedding. If you are a couple that loves bling and going over the top- then do that. It's your day, so make sure you are comfortable with what the plan is and always stick to your budget- a little planning and creativity can go a long way.

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