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  • Jessica Eddington

Make Your Wedding Photos a Success!

If you haven't already chosen your wedding photographer, please read my last blog- How do we get those beautiful, romantic looking photos? Well, here are some tips to think about before the big day comes, so that you and your photographer are on the same page and your photos turn out the best they can.

1. Work with your photographer on a timeline for the day and communicate to them about what your vision is for your photographs. I always make sure to get a good idea of what my client wants his/her photos to look like- candid, posed, silly, serious, romantic, capturing the life of the reception party, tons of family poses, sunset photos etc. Then I help them form a realistic timeline for what it will take to get those photos. Many times, clients do not give themselves enough time to take all of the photos they want, and get to enjoy the day. I like to make as many of those photos happen for them, but also make sure they are not so stressed out, that they miss having all the fun of their day.

2. Remind your guests that you have hired professional photographers and to please hold all photos during the ceremony and not be in the aisles. Have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony begins about having guests refrain from taking photos. This keeps family and friends from making "guest" appearances in the middle of your first kiss photo, and from a random flash from being included in photos.

3. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, ask your photographer what the best time of day to have it is, to have the best photo outcome. Also, don't be offended if we don't like an area you have picked out to do your couples or bridal party photos. We know what they will look best depending on the light, time of day, what the surroundings are, etc- that's why we are professionals:)

4. If you get a chance to do sunset photos with your new spouse- do them!!!!! This is the most amazing light of the day! It makes your photos look beautiful, soft and romantic. Take the 15-20 minutes and you won't regret it.

5. Have a family member or good friend be your "other wedding planner" for the day. Assign them the job of rounding up all of the people you need in your photos, so that photos go faster and are more organized.

6. If you are having photos taken while you are getting ready, keep the area tidy. Also try and get ready in a room that has good window light and light walls. If you are a bride and your bridal party is getting ready with you, have them wear matching robes, t-shirts or flannels. It looks really cute in the photos.

7. Make a Pinterest Board for inspirational shots. I always ask my couples to make one of these, to see what type of shots they really like. I use them for inspiration on their wedding day, and always try to get a few of the same poses.

8. Above all HAVE FUN! Don't worry so much about getting "the perfect" pose or look. Be yourself, have fun and those beautiful photos will make themselves. Some of the best shots I get are the most candid, natural moments, when my couples are more wrapped up in themselves, and they seem to forget that I am even there.

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