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  • Jessica Eddington

Why Should I Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

ARE YOU PLANNING A WEDDING? Read this article first about what brides regretted and wished they could change about their wedding day. After attending other peoples weddings for the last 6 years, I believe there are some really good points to think about. 🤔

Pertaining to wedding photography some brides regretted:

1. Not having an engagement session (this is a great way to be comfortable in front of the camera prior to the big day and with your photographer. You can also work out any kinks, like certain poses that just don't work for you).

2. Not getting a second photographer (Having a second during the getting ready parts of the day and the ceremony is great because you get shots of both parties as well as different angles during the ceremony. It makes the photos a bit more well-rounded you could say).

3. Hiring an inexperienced photographer (thinking about hiring a friend or someone on the cheap? You run the risk of photos not turning out at all, being inconsistent, and important shots being missed). I AM GUILTY OF THIS ONE! I had my friends with nice cameras take the photos and missed out on some very important shots. If I could do it over, I would have hired a professional. This was before my days as a photographer.

Another important one on the list was about hiring friends as vendors in general- DON'T DO IT! You want your friends to enjoy themselves, and some friends may end up doing that a little more than you want and not actually helping on the big day.

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